First Ever Post!!

Hi Guys,

So this is my first ever post! If you don’t know anything about me or what this blog is about and want too, go to my ‘About Sam Milton’ page at the top of the blog!

Just thought id check in and leave you guys a quick message to say, the proper blogging will start on Monday, after I get back from the gym. I’m starting this blog at the perfect time, as I’m just restarting my serious training after a long while out of the gym, and I’ve also just gotten back into playing rugby as-well!

Come Monday, this is what you guys can expect to see… Posts roughly twice a week giving all the information, backed up with hard science that I have spent years gathering and studying! I’m going to continually update this blog with new articles/posts about workouts, training concepts or nutrition depending on what you guys want to read! I’ll also be making YouTube videos, starting shortly that ill be doing once a week, probably covering a certain topic that people have been asking me to explain, and covering the questions that commonly come up in the comments section. On top of those two things, ill have a training journal on, where I will post every workout and nutritional breakdown of the day and I have a twitter that I will regularly tweet on to keep you guys informed about new posts, new videos, or just general twitter rubbish! I will post a link to all of these in the ‘Get in touch’ page, found at the top of the blog!

So I’m hoping you guys are interested and want to give me a follow, a like, and ultimately enjoy the time you spend reading my blogs, as I work together, with you guys, to achieve your goals!

I very much look forward to hearing from you guys, and PLEASE PLEASE remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel ( and follow me on twitter (@SMsimplefitness)!!




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