Week 2 – Workout #4 27/11/2013

Hey people!

Another workout results post from Wednesday! I have been pretty busy with uni work etc so I’m a bit late getting my post up! Sorry guys.


The Squat

Warm up sets: 10xbar 5x45Kg 5x55Kg

Set 1: 5x65Kg

Set 2: 5x70Kg

Set 3: 5x70Kg

Good improvement from last session! I said I would squat 70 this session and I did, for two sets too! So I’m really happy with my progress!


Overhead Press

Warm up sets: 5x30Kg 3x40KG

Set 1: 5×42.5Kg

Set 2: 5×42.5Kg

Set 3: 5×42.5Kg

The same as last week, by the last set I was absolutely shattered! But I pushed myself and made sure I got those 5 reps. Going to push the wight up to 45Kg next week!


Power Clean

Warm up sets: 5x40Kg x50Kg

Set 1: 3×52.5Kg

Set 2: 3×52.5Kg

Set 3: 3×52.5Kg

Set 4: 3×52.5Kg

Set 5: 3x55Kg

So, the second time doing power cleans in a while, and I was pleased to see that I felt able to put the weight up for the last set, I really had to push them out but managed it! I get the feeling I’m lifting lighter than I should be for this weight however, so I’m going to push it up pretty fast!

Anyway thanks for reading guys! And I hope your all having a quality day, feel free to leave any comments with any questions whether its to do with this post or not! Also check out the links below for more from SM simple fitness!



Twitter – @SMsimplefitness

YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/user/SMsimplefitness

Bodybuilding.com workout journal – http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=158341993


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