About SM Simple Fitness


Im on the left!

That’s me on the left celebrating after my mother carried the Olympic Torch through my home town.

I’m Sam Milton. I’m 21 years old and I’m a student at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge studying a BSc Hons Degree in Sport Science. I’m also a qualified gym and Armageddon Fitness instructor. I spend almost all of my spare time either studying sport, playing sport, or catching up on the latest fitness/health/nutrition research!

I’ve been studying sports science for almost 6 years now, spending lots of time reading book after book, paper after paper and attending every fitness lecture possible. I have recently come to the conclusion that a piece of literature that is simple and easy to understand, explaining all the aspects of the fitness, health and nutrition that your average person needs, just doesn’t exist! So I’ve started this blog, with the aim to educate people properly about everything health & fitness. There is so much rubbish on the internet these days that can just poison the mind of somebody with a budding interest in fitness, and that almost always leads to failure!

The aim of this site is to give everyone all the information backed up with hard science that I have spent years gathering and studying, without them having to spend the same amount of time doing so! I’m going to be updating this blog roughly twice a week, with new articles/posts about workouts, training concepts or nutrition depending on what you guys want to read! I have a twitter that I will regularly tweet on to keep you guys informed about new posts, or just general twitter rubbish! I will post a link to this in the ‘Get involved with SM Simple Fitness’ page, found at the top of the blog!

So please please give me a follow, and leave lots of comments with any criticism or questions that you might have!

Looking forward to hearing from you!



3 thoughts on “About SM Simple Fitness

  1. Sam, thanks again for stopping by site. I just read through your post about the fact that even fitness professionals need to stay motivated. That is very true. The only failure comes in not trying. Keep with it. There is a vast amount of motivation out here just waiting to be picked up. Keep pumping out the useful information so that we can separate the good and evil. Never quit! In fitness, Bob

    • Thanks for taking the time to read it Bob! For me motivation is the hardest aspect of training, so letting people know they are not the only ones and doing my best to motivate others is important to me! I will do, thanks for stopping by!

      • I get it Sam. There are many days I have to self motivate. Sometimes it takes a lot just to continue to motivate others. I went to the Arnold last year, and to think of the dedication and years of not quitting that the competitors go through just to get there is amazing. I am on a quest for a Black Belt in a self defense, mixed martial arts class, and it can be grueling. But I am a survivor and a warrior. I refuse to be on the bottom of any pile. Anyhow, we know where we stand and where we want to be. Keep focused.

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