The blog is back!

im-back1After being away for almost a year, the blog is going to make a return!
Joey PineappleThis past year has been pretty difficult, with illness, uni work, family commitments, and all other sorts of ‘get in the ways’. Don’t get me wrong, I have also chosen watching Friends over going to the gym, and beans on toast instead of a wholesome meal far too many times too… BUT its time to get back on track!


changing_plansI’m going to change the blog slightly. At first I was gearing it towards being a very ‘educationally’ based blog, but due to the tens of thousands (or so it seems) of assignments that I’m being given by uni, I’m going to turn it into more of a personal, and fun page! Don’t worry if you find me boring though, as I will still post informative blogs explaining different aspects of fitness, its just these will be fewer and further between as my focus is largely on my degree!

I will try to create new posts once or twice a week. Hopefully you guy’s wont, if you haven’t already, give up on me! If you have… Then I guess I need to try harder to keep you engaged!

Cheers, I look forward to speaking to you all!


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Sorry I haven’t been posting!!

Hi guys,

Sorry I haven’t been posting recently, training has stopped due to me getting quite ill over the past three weeks! I’m also at a crucial art of my studies and have lots of assignments that are due to be handed in over the next couple of weeks so until the start of January there probably won’t be any more posts!! Sorry to anybody that enjoys the blog and has been waiting for an update!

I’m starting Dan John’s ‘mass made simple’ program on January 1st/2nd so anybody who wants to get involved and follow me can do so then! I should hopefully also have some interesting articles coming up on motivation and creatine!

Hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season,


The basics – My training and nutrition.

Hi guys! Here I go with my second post, and it has to be said I’m just as nervous about getting it right as I was with my first! This post is going to explain why, how, how long and how often I’m going to be training… But first of all..

Kicking for goal

My Goals

Everybody needs to set goals, whether it’s just one, or a number of goals, everybody needs something to work towards. Goals increase focus, they create routine, help to inspire, motivate and when you reach your goal you will be leaving with an unrivaled feeling of satisfaction! So to understand why I’m training the way I am, you need to know my goals, so here they are, and I want to achieve them by March 2014.

  • Increase my strength (back squat 120Kg for 5 reps).
  • Increase my speed (sprint 60M in 8.5 seconds).
  • Reach 78Kg with under 20% body fat (23% at the moment)

So as you can see my goals are pretty simple, but they have a definite value, this means that you can get complete closure on a goal, and enjoy that beautiful satisfaction I described earlier! Remember, set some goals, long-term or short, pick your time scale and stick to it. Don’t give up.. Whats an hour of pain 3 times a week to achieve something you clearly value very highly? NOTHING!

my weekMy Normal Week

OK so with goals out-of-the-way, before I tell you exactly how I’m going to be training, you need to know what a normal week for me looks like! Because of my Rugby, I need to avoid over training, therefore I will only be in the gym twice a week, on a Monday and a Wednesday. So my tip to you is, make yourself a week planner, include all your work and 100% necessary activities, and work your workouts into those places you have an hour spare.

The program!Starting Strength

The program I’m going to be using is Mark Ripptoe’s Starting Strength (For a full explanation of the program, visit the link). This is a program for people who are just starting out in the gym or haven’t trained for a long time, It provides a sound workout routine worked three times a week, focusing on the basic compound movements. It is considered one of the best programs to follow for beginners, or anybody who hasn’t trained for a while and is looking to increase their strength and mass.

As shown in the link above, the program comprises of two workouts, workout A and workout B, the program suggests you workout three times a week, on non-consecutive days, for example a popular way of training is Monday/Wednesday/Friday, completing workout A twice and workout B once, the following week the workouts will be swapped so that workout A is worked once and workout B twice.

Workout A
Squat 3×5
Bench 3×5
Deadlift 1×5

Workout B
Squat 3×5
Press 3×5
Power Clean 5×3

Due to my rugby training, I’ll be training twice a week, workout A on Monday and workout B on Wednesday. Over the Christmas period, when I am not playing rugby, I will be doing a 6 week mass gain program as written by Dan John in his book Mass Made Simple.

I will be writing a workout journal as well as posting on this blog, and it would be wicked if you guys could follow my progress and post on there too!



Nutrition is a VITAL part of anybody trying to achieve any kind of goal within fitness. My nutrition is somewhat different to what many people’s will be, due to me being a Type 1 Diabetic. My diet is a lot higher in fats than many other people’s, this is to reduce the amount of injections I have to administer, giving me overall better control of my blood sugar levels (It’s also due to a lot of recent research on high fat vs low-fat diets, which I will explain in another post). I plan to be eating 350 calories over my daily maintenance, which leaves me eating 3000 Kcals a day, which is composed of 160 grams of protein, 183 grams of carbohydrates and 183 grams of fats. I will be making another post within the next few days explaining how you can work out your personal macro-nutrient requirements depending on your goal!

So there you have it! A very brief overview of my training and nutrition before I start to blog my progress! I apologize if there are some mistakes and my style of writing is hard to follow, this is something I know I need to work on!

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Thank-you for reading and I hope your having a great day!!

First Ever Post!!

Hi Guys,

So this is my first ever post! If you don’t know anything about me or what this blog is about and want too, go to my ‘About Sam Milton’ page at the top of the blog!

Just thought id check in and leave you guys a quick message to say, the proper blogging will start on Monday, after I get back from the gym. I’m starting this blog at the perfect time, as I’m just restarting my serious training after a long while out of the gym, and I’ve also just gotten back into playing rugby as-well!

Come Monday, this is what you guys can expect to see… Posts roughly twice a week giving all the information, backed up with hard science that I have spent years gathering and studying! I’m going to continually update this blog with new articles/posts about workouts, training concepts or nutrition depending on what you guys want to read! I’ll also be making YouTube videos, starting shortly that ill be doing once a week, probably covering a certain topic that people have been asking me to explain, and covering the questions that commonly come up in the comments section. On top of those two things, ill have a training journal on, where I will post every workout and nutritional breakdown of the day and I have a twitter that I will regularly tweet on to keep you guys informed about new posts, new videos, or just general twitter rubbish! I will post a link to all of these in the ‘Get in touch’ page, found at the top of the blog!

So I’m hoping you guys are interested and want to give me a follow, a like, and ultimately enjoy the time you spend reading my blogs, as I work together, with you guys, to achieve your goals!

I very much look forward to hearing from you guys, and PLEASE PLEASE remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel ( and follow me on twitter (@SMsimplefitness)!!