Week 1 – Workout #2

Ok so today was the second workout of the week! It is near enough the same FBW as Week 1 – Workout #1, but a couple of the exercises were swapped up, as you will see!

P.S. I reduced the rest time between sets for some of the exercises, which is why it may seem that the number of reps I managed dropped from last time.

Ok here goes:

Deadlifting today was a pleasure as always… NOT… No I don’t mind deadlifting so much, its just the first time I have done it for a little a while and to say it took it out of me would be an understatement!

Warm Up Set: BillStarrDeadlift6x60kg
Set 1: 5x100kg
Set 2: 5x100kg
Set 3: 5x100kg

I could have definitely added more weight for all of these sets, but its the first session and I don’t want too pick up any injuries.


Bench Press:


Warm Up Set: 15xbar
Set 1: 12×47.5kg
Set 2: 12×47.5kg
Set 3: 8×47.5kg
Set 4: 6×47.5kg

Still not hitting the 12 for the last two sets, but hopefully within the next two sessions I will be hitting those reps.

T bar row:
This was one of the exercises that the rest time was reduced for.


Set 1: 12x30kg
Set 2: 12x30kg (one rest)
Set 3: 12x30kg (four rests)

My goal for this exercise is definitely getting all the reps in each set out with now small rests, before putting the weight up further.



Military Press:
This is one of the exercises that the rest time was reduced for.



Set 1: 12x25kg
Set 2: 12x25kg
Set 3: 12x25kg


Leg Press:


Set 1: 12x100kg
Set 2: 12x100kg
Set 3: 12x110kg





Hammer Curls/Dips Superset:


Set 1: 12x10kg/8
Set 2: 12x10kg/8
Set 3: 12x10kg/6 (big pause for both exercises)







So I then finished up the workout with:

Sit ups: 22, 20, 22
Press-ups in 1 minute: 25, 15, 10

For the press-ups in one minute, I leave one minute rest between sets, this really gives a massive chest, shoulder and tricep burn!

Overall today was a great session, I’m really looking forward to Tuesday to get back into the gym.

Here’s the song of the workout:

Thanks for reading guys!

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Motivation 101 – A day in the life of a bodybuilder!


A common problem everybody suffers with at some point, on our struggle to become fitter and healthier, is motivation! Everybody struggles with it, weather gym-motivation-mohammad-aliyou are just starting out, have been working out for years or even if your a fitness professional, at some point you will hit a wall and ask ‘can i be bothered?’. Its at this point that successful people are separated from unsuccessful people. It not only for fitness, its in any aspect of life, at this point, when you hit that wall, successful people will drive on, climb over that wall and continue forward on the road to achieving their goals. Unsuccessful people however, will back up have a little look around for a nice excuse, then run away from the wall and probably come back another day to do exactly the same thing!

To help all of you who are reading this post and thinking, ‘Yeah! I hit those walls’, I’m going to be posting a series of Motivation 101 posts. These posts could be anything, from video’s, to quotes, to just images or songs, but they are going to be things that get me going, that get me motivated and that I think will do the same for you!

Today’s post is a documentary, it follows 2009-2010 Arnold Classic winner Kai Greene through a day of his life. This documentary was one of the first things I watched that really made me realize that fitness isn’t just a phase and it isn’t something that is going to repay the hard work you put in after two weeks. Fitness is a life long commitment, and the more you put in, the more you get out! Anyway the video is posted below, take a look for yourself and then ask yourself, are you willing to do this? Do you have what it takes?

Kai Greene Facts:


Born: July 12th, 1975
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
Nickname: The Predator
Height: 5ft 8in
Professional Debut: IFBB New York Pro, 2005
Most Prestigious Win: Arnold Classic, 2009-2010
Sponsers: Flex magazine and Musclemeds

So there you have it guys! Please leave a post below and let me know what you think of the documentary, and weather it motivated you! Also please leave a comment if there is anything you’d like me to cover in a post!


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First Ever Post!!

Hi Guys,

So this is my first ever post! If you don’t know anything about me or what this blog is about and want too, go to my ‘About Sam Milton’ page at the top of the blog!

Just thought id check in and leave you guys a quick message to say, the proper blogging will start on Monday, after I get back from the gym. I’m starting this blog at the perfect time, as I’m just restarting my serious training after a long while out of the gym, and I’ve also just gotten back into playing rugby as-well!

Come Monday, this is what you guys can expect to see… Posts roughly twice a week giving all the information, backed up with hard science that I have spent years gathering and studying! I’m going to continually update this blog with new articles/posts about workouts, training concepts or nutrition depending on what you guys want to read! I’ll also be making YouTube videos, starting shortly that ill be doing once a week, probably covering a certain topic that people have been asking me to explain, and covering the questions that commonly come up in the comments section. On top of those two things, ill have a training journal on Bodybuilding.com, where I will post every workout and nutritional breakdown of the day and I have a twitter that I will regularly tweet on to keep you guys informed about new posts, new videos, or just general twitter rubbish! I will post a link to all of these in the ‘Get in touch’ page, found at the top of the blog!

So I’m hoping you guys are interested and want to give me a follow, a like, and ultimately enjoy the time you spend reading my blogs, as I work together, with you guys, to achieve your goals!

I very much look forward to hearing from you guys, and PLEASE PLEASE remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/SMsimplefitness) and follow me on twitter (@SMsimplefitness)!!